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Monday May 27th 2013

I have a new server up. It is a weak little thing, but it will serve static webpages well enough.

Perhaps I will post an online version of my Dancing Robots card game here if I get it coded up.

I have also been considering writing up a new Mandelbrot Set Viewer with my new functional programming knowledge.

Thus spoke Mike

Wednesday Nov 14th 2012

So... the server exploded in a giant fireball and I never actually got around to cleaning it up. (really the power supply died, and I didn't wnt to buy a new one). That blog that I talked about a few posts ago is now my newer way to interface with the world.

I decided to do an update on my back up server (which is sitting in my sister's spare room and stealing her internet) to explain to those who found this site via a google search why it quit operating.

Dark lowers the tempest overhead

Tuesday January 17th 2012

I put the last parts on the bike on Saturday - Unfortunately the exhaust pipe is slightly the wrong shape, and so the pedal arm hits it when the petal rotates. I am considering cutting and welding it into the right angle (though I might be able to fix it by just blow torching the tube and bending it) It is just barely broken - if I push hard, the petal will slide over it. If anyone has ideas, I am open to suggestions.

We also cleaned out the purple room (it was full of bike stuff) We played some Kings in the Corner, (which seems to me to be a lot about what you draw, and only a little about skill), and a little Polynesia (in the game we played, there was also a lot of luck involved - I got 24 points by turn 2) on the card table.

We played a game called '7 Wonders' at Bryson's house on Saturday as well. It was fun - Alison liked it (even though it was fairly strategic). We also played Guillotine - which was fun, and Polynesia. I think that everyone had a good time. I brought over some Howies - which seemed to be well received.

I made some ricotta yesterday (perhaps 3 lbs). Tonight perhaps I will make some ravioli (it would have to be way more than three lbs).

Every so often we tell Andrea that she is going to have a sibling soon. She has never expressed any interest in it beyond looking at us in a disbelieving way. Just this weekend, however, she said "sis", and then pointed outside after Alison told her about her new brother or sister. Alison said "outside?" and Andrea said "Sis!" and signed "drive". We think that she wanted to drive and find her new sister (after all you drive to find your cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents, right?)

I have come up with a new idea for a TV show (cause I am the type of person who would be able to tell what america wants to see, right?) It will be a reality show about a guy who is forced in his rich father's will to punch out a bear, or his fathers fortune will go to the save the bears fund. The show will follow his training regimen, and his preparations to punch out a bear. The season finale will be the bear fight. I think that it would be a very popular show - people like watching mindless inane drivel.

Perhaps the next season could be called "A Bear and a Spare"

Monday January 2nd 2012

I succeeded at NaNo. The website is back up for a time at least. Perhaps I will work on the MSV some time soon - I have taken a lot of time off recently on it (I have been working on a motorized bike instead.)

Does that make any sense to you?

Monday October 17th 2011

Though very few probably noticed, the website has been down for over a month. I replaced the hardware. I am about to try my hand at NaNo again.

Just how suck this site is?

Monday July 11th 2011

I have posted a new MSV online. It is capable of arbitrary precision rendering of the mandelbrot set, lots of other fractals (including user inputed fractals), color manipulation, multiple layers (including alpha channels), and has an open interface (so someone with c# knowledge could write their own fractals. It is available for download here.

I am working on changes to the 42E SRD, but I guarantee nothing.

Our constitution protects aliens, drunks and U.S. Senators

Friday, June 3rd 2011

Apparently I am a big fat liar. I have been updating the blog pretty much weekly, and never updating this site.

I have posted my d20 Modern 42 Earths SRD here. you can download it here.

Also, I might put up a new page some time soon which will allow the use of google talk on your Amazon Kindle. (I have to get the bugs all worked out first.) This is of course, assuming that I actually figure out how to do it, and it wouldn't be too much of a strain on my server. (I am hoping for an entirely html and ajax version that doesn't even have to talk to the server).

A flashlight is a case for holding dead batteries

Monday April 25th 2011

I just got back home from the Poulson's house. Becky came back from her mission, and was giving a talk in their ward. It was a pretty fun weekend. We played some Five Crowns, and Upwords. Katie said we should play Willow, but I hadn't brought it (since is has pretty much been panned universally).

I just don't see why people don't like it.

I made some progress on my rewriting of the D20 Modern SRD to work with my X-Com role playing game. 6 files left to integrate (I have cut the number of files from 239 down to 75) Once the integration is done, then I will do a little rewriting, and probably add in a js navigation section. If all works I should be ready for my new campaign to start up in about a month.

I waxed my cheeses last Friday. They now look pretty professional. The youngest one (an attempt to recreate the 7 month cheese that I was bragging about to everyone) already smells awesome. I think that it is perhaps the lipase.

No progress on the MSV front, nor the X-Com Apocalypse playtesting. I just don't have the time to rewrite this SRD and work on either of those.

I finished the second Amber series. It was good, but ended pretty abortively. I like the world, though. Zelazny is pretty cool.

Also, I am currently working on a secret project for Alison's birthday. It shouldn't take long, but she asked me to do it a year ago, and I never did.

Also, I am going to try to blog again. It failed miserably last time, but perhaps this time I will do better at keeping interested. Here it is. It should pretty much mirror the updates on this page (mostly).

Wednesday, April 13th 2011

My fort was successful, and I found out how boring an infinitely powerful adventure mode adventurer can be. I am done with DF for a while. It was fun, but it takes too much time.

I am now working (again) on planning my upcoming D20.Modern campaign. I am calling it '42 Earths' until a better name presents itself. I am currently rewriting the SRD.

Also, I recently finished two more cheeses (that totals four in various stages of ageing.) I will update when I open them and tell how they are.

I have also began to read the Merlin Cycle of Zelazny's Amber Universe. Interesting so far.

This was the dream

Monday, March 14th 2011

Happy Pi day.

I finished the adamantine equiptment, but my DF kept crashing so I submitted a bug report. Hopefully they can fix it up. Additionally, tiny worlds can only create a specified number of adventurers. (this means that only 4 elven adventurers could be created in my world, and no dwarves.) I am now starting a new bigger world and cheating to get the adamantine faster.


Wednesday, March 2nd 2011

Recently Alison and I have been reading Yotsuba&!. It is pretty funny. I would reccomend it.

I also made a batch of ravioli with home made ricotta last night.

My dwarves are still fighting to make adamantine equipment.

It's the best there is.

Tuesday, March 1st 2011

Last night I opened up a cheese that has been ageing for about 7 months, and it had a very nice flavor. It was terribly dry, so we sprinkled it like parmesan over some pizza, and it was very good.

I am playing Dwarf fortress again, and I have begun to mine adamantine. Next I intend to make a bunch of awesome armor and weapons and then make a dwarven adventurer who recovers the gear and fights off the demons.

Baby Andrea is growing nicely, and often will sleep through the night. She can roll her self over, and wiggle around the crib, but not yet crawl full on. She is mostly infant potty trained (in that we can hold her over the toilet and she will poop into it for us, and she will fuss a lot when she needs to go (so that we are notified.)) perhaps once or twice a week we still have to change a dirty diaper, but that is ok.

I also have obtained logs for mushroom growing (thanks to those people who helped out.) Perhaps in a couple of years I will report eating my first home grown oyster mushroom :)

What is essential is invisible to the eye

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

I have been working on making (over the last month or so) new pieces for new Epic Duels decks that Scott and I have been making. I bought some silcone putty, and Scott bought some plastic mixture. We are trying to replicate the Clone Troopers, and a Destroyer Droid that I found. So far I have 2 Destroyer Droid replicas (one is nearly perfect) and seven clones (three of those are nearly perfect). it was fun to figure out how to do. Perhaps I will take some pictures when we are done molding them.

The next step is to paint them... I will probably post on that when it happens.

I also discovered that at the LDS Cannery, you can buy powdered milk for pretty darn cheap. No more expensive powdered milk for me :)

Anything is possible on paper

Tuesday, February 1st 2011

It had been a while. I wanted to post back here that things were going amazingly well, and that the MSV was complete, but no such progress has been made.

I have been trying to plan a roleplaying campaign in a world like the X-Com universe, but I have made no headway there.

I did make a good batch of Feta cheese, and I am attempting to grow oyster mushrooms on an old log. before too long I will be making home made ravioli stuffed with home grown mushrooms :).

Nobody can eat fifty eggs